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CBP has released the following announcement today regarding the next phase of Importer Security Filing (ISF) enforcement. 

Title: Initiation Date for Liquidated Damages for ISF Non-Compliance

Date: 6/7/2013 9:04:33 AM

In order to achieve the most compliance with the least disruption to the trade and to domestic port operations, CBP has been applying a measured and commonsense approach to Importer Security Filing (ISF or 10+2) enforcement.  On July 9, 2013 CBP will begin full enforcement of ISF, and will start issuing liquidated damages against ISF importers and carriers for ISF non-compliance.

IB&M will continue to keep you informed of any further updates regarding the enforcement of ISF Liquidated damage penalties as well as any corresponding changes to the IB&M Online system for ISF Bonds. As a member of the International Trade Surety Association we have been made aware of the following updates:

  1. The most likely scenario is that enforcement will be phased in, starting with non-filers and then moving  to late filers.
  2. It is our understanding all enforcement actions taken will be reviewed first by CBP HQ prior to issuing any penalty notices.
  3. CBP will not be enforcing ISF-5 as of yet due to some unresolved issues.
  4. The FAQs are still correct and can be viewed at:
  5. CBP has already created an ISF portal for low volume users in ACE.
  6. The current interim final rule still applies to all ISFs and CBP plans on issuing a final rule in the near future. 

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