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Cyber Security - Fake Browser Beware

 Fake Browser Updates Used for MalwareDistribution

Researchers have been seeing a trend in fake browser updates being used as a method for delivering malware to unsuspecting users.  The attackers are leveraging compromised URLs or components found in otherwise safe and trusted sites including search engines, social media, and other popular locations.

·      Malware loaders are deceptive by nature and can display as a link or prompt that appears to be from the browser’s developers. This specific attack preys on the common practice that updates are normal and apart of maintaining proper security hygiene.  If received, you should consider very suspicious.




·        Pay close attention to how trusted sites normally function.  Always be vigilant on the web and question anything that seems odd, suspicious, or out of the ordinary.


·        Network filtering should catch these types of attacks, but some can still sneak through as they are embedded in otherwise trusted sites or third-party integrations being used by the site.



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