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New CBP Form 301 FAQ

  1. Does CBP need all three pages when filing the bond?
    • Page 1 and 2 are always required.
      Page 3 is instructional only and not required by CBP. CBP 301
  2. Does the top of page 2 need to be completed?
    • Yes, the top four fields are always required by CBP. (Broker Filer Code, Surety Reference Number, Principal Name and CBP Identification Number) The remainder of page 2 refers to continuous bonds with more than one principal or surety and will be completed by IB&M where necessary.
  3. What should be entered in the Surety Reference Number field?
    • This field contains what you are used to seeing as the bond serial number on pre-printed paper bonds. The IB&M website will automatically complete this field. The entry number can also be used in this field for ABI generated bonds. Keep in mind, all ISF bonds must be completed via the IB&M website.
  4. What is the CBP Identification Number?
    • This number reflects the principal’s Tax I.D. number or importer number, customs assigned number, or social security number.
  5. I print bonds from my ABI system; will all of this be updated?
    • IB&M single bonds are programmed in numerous different ABI systems. We have been in contact with many of them to ensure a smooth transition of the bond however we encourage you to double-check with your ABI representative to be sure the new form is printing properly. If you have further questions on this, please contact Jason Wieselman at 201-653-6100 Ext. 202.
  6. What does the new AFFIX SEAL or Check Box mean?
    • CBP has advised this box should be checked if the principal has a seal in accordance with 19 CFR 113.25.
  7. What should I do with the old pre-printed forms?
    • The forms can be disposed of as they will no longer be accepted by CBP after December 31st 2011.
  8. How can I order paper bond forms?
    • Contact Benny Munoz at benny.munoz @