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Ask an Attorney - Vietnam Tariffs Off the Table

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There are so many hot topics this summer from our legal contributors, it’s hard to pick just one - so we didn’t.  - Here are three topics making headlines in the world of customs compliance!

Feel free to ask the attorney any follow up questions you may have.

Vietnam Tariffs Off the Table

The U.S. was contemplating retaliating against imports from Vietnam due to Vietnam’s alleged currency manipulation and illegal harvesting of certain timber. Reports indicated that the USTR’s office had drafted a list which contained household items from Vietnam. In mid-July, following lobbying efforts by various U.S. importer associations, Vietnam and the U.S. agreed on measures to address the currency issue, averting retaliation by tariffs.

Forced Labor Enforcement Continues

CBP (Customs) has not eased their detentions of goods suspected of being made with cotton from the Xin Jiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China(XUAR). In addition, the U.S. Senate just passed a bill that would ban all goods suspected of originating in or processed in the XUAR. That bill will be sent to the House for its consideration and reports indicate the bill is likely to pass.

Made in USA Rule Issued

On July 14, 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a Final Rule, effective August 13, 2021, that codifies its current requirements for companies to use “Made in USA” or “Made in USA of Imported Materials” .Producers should remember that to use either marking, the goods must qualify under U.S. Customs rules as U.S. origin. Please send a request to mscustoms@mscustoms.comif you would like to receive an electronic copy of the new FTC marking rules.

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