News Entries

New 301 form release!

IB&M is pleased to announce the Web release of the new CBP 301 bond form beginning Tuesday, December 6th. This form set forth by CBP may be viewed at the link below:
  • Note all bonds issued via the IB&M website will be reflective of the new bond form beginning Tuesday Dec 6th. Customs will continue to accept old versions of the 301 bond form up until Dec 31st, 2011.
  • You will have the option to save the new bond in either TIFF or PDF formats.
  • IB&M will continue to provide paper bonds, however we would like to remind you of all the benefits associated with registering an IB&M account online:
    • Creating bonds online streamlines your process making it quick and easy.
    • Print bonds at a moment’s notice, and view your bond history with a click of a button.
    • Our web interface at allows for complete electronic issuance of other bond types including ISF, Carnet, and Continuous Bonds.
    • Our “Quick Links” section allows easy access to all bond and reporting features!
    • Save a tree, issue bonds online!!!

Please note:
IB&M currently has single bond integration with numerous different ABI providers. We have been in contact with all of them over the previous weeks to ensure the new form is uploaded and functional in their respective systems. If you are experiencing any issues with the new form printing from your ABI system or interested in finding out if your ABI provider has this capability, please contact: Jason Wieselman at 201-653-6100 Ext. 202 or jasonw @

Any general questions regarding the new bond form, don’t hesitate to email us at benny.munoz @ or give us a call at 201-653-6100.