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2/17/10 – ISF Bond News Flash

IB&M is pleased to announce completion of Phase 2 for Online ISF Bond Issuance

The new interface allows for the editing, reprinting, and voiding of existing ISF bonds. Under the new ISF History Tab, the user will be able to search their ISF bond history by: Importer Number, Reference Number, ISF Transaction Number, or by simply entering Date Parameters to view all ISF bonds issued during a specific period of time.

As the first month of Mandatory ISF Compliance draws to a close, now is the time to be sure your company is protected against liability arising from ISF transactions. Contact us today to learn more about securing the proper E&O/Freight Legal Liability Coverage.

You can also skip a step by clicking on the E&O link below which will allow you to complete the application online! Once completed, an IB&M representative will contact you to discuss different coverage options that best fit your company’s needs!

We will continue to keep you apprised of our new web features once they are launched as part of our ongoing commitment to technology!

Thanks as always for your continued support.