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Customs system is currently being updated because of ACE, they are having many issues updating and keeping information in the system, you may get a call from brokers asking you why a bond has been terminated when in fact the bond is not terminated, even thought you will not be able to see the bond when you do a query. You can call any Customs office to verify that the bond is still in effect. The brokers may still process entries even though the bond is not showing up thru their ABI system.

Reasons why the bond is not in the system include the following reasons.

  • The bond amount is in increments of 10,000 after 100,000 which is no longer acceptable by customs.
  • The legal status of the company was not provided to customs correctly, by this I mean if a company is an LLC the bond was filed as a corporation or vice versa.
  • CBP does not have an LP agreement on file for a company that is a Limited partnership