Sales Support

IB&M provides the tools and training to sell more bonds and insurance

The best salespeople know their products and welcome any challenges and obstacles they face. Here at IB&M, we provide you with the top customer service, sales, and underwriting support in the market. In addition to our extraordinary support team, we deliver cutting edge technology, reporting features and marketing materials to help your business thrive.

With competition at its fiercest, it is critical that we empower our partners with all the tools they need to succeed. IB&M’s sales support program includes onsite sales training with your management and staff, offering sales coaching and interactive Q&A exercises. Our technology and reports expose leads and opportunities you may have overlooked, generating and increasing your revenue. Working with our clients’ marketing departments, we also design and provide artwork for co-branded and private-branded advertising materials, allowing you to drive the value of the product.

Ask how I&BM helps companies sell more bonds and insurance today.