Customs Bonds

Creative, innovative underwriting gives our brokers the competitive edge.

IB&M’s intuitive approach to underwriting simplifies the process for our clients. Our goal is to enable our clients to write as many bonds on behalf of their customers as possible. Leveraging our connections to financial databases and other resources allows us to properly vet a principal and their business. Taking the extra time and effort early in the process creates less research and work for the Customs broker.

IB&M, through our new and innovative Bond Catalyst platform, provides brokers a single point from which to manage bond filings, monitor discrepancies, observe trends, and exercise compliance over the activities of their staff. Bond Catalyst takes full advantage of the speed of eBond and is like nothing the trade has ever seen before.


  • Importer/Broker
  • Accelerated Drawback
  • Custodian of Bonded Merchandise
  • International Carrier
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
  • And other Customs related bonds

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