Bond Catalyst

Bond Catalyst is the new standard in broker bond issuance and management

Bond Catalyst takes full advantage of ACE agility and is changing the way customs brokers manage their importer relationships.

Key Benefits to using Bond Cataylst:

  • Simple to use
  • Dashboard management
  • Streamlined issuance system
  • Compliance tools
  • Intelligent and intuitive reporting features

Less keystrokes

By tapping into the power of eBond technology, we have reduced the amount of data entry required to issue continuous and single bonds. With a few clicks of the mouse, users can calculate bond premiums, auto-populate 5106 data, and manage filings and rejections from a single dashboard.

More intuitive

IB&M has built checks and edits to allow the users to more quickly and efficiently complete a bond application. By syncing our system with the USITC, users can now simply submit a tariff code, without having to provide a commodity description. Bond Catalyst also recommends the appropriate bond amount based on entry value, type, and duty paid.

Robust security and compliance tools-

  • Administrators are now able to manage and monitor user activities, complete with role-based privileges. With its real-time connection to ACE, it provides managers with high-risk items that require remediation, including open bills and liquidated damage claims.
  • Bond Catalyst offers an unprecedented number of reports detailing bond activity, revenue, port activity and more.
  • Users can manage their own document uploads for additional underwriting requests.

Bond catalyst will forever change the landscape of bond management within the Customs brokerage industry. Once you’ve started your reaction, we guarantee your satisfaction.